«Proximity Promoter 24x7» - vCard for sending

vCard – is a file format for exchanging digital business cards. vCard files are understood by all modern phones; as soon as such file is received by a device, it is automatically added to the address book of that device. vCard records are stored in the database as individual fields. But when they are transmitted to mobile devices, they are sent as files in the vCard format. Just like with the regular files, once a vCard record is added to the database, it can be used in any number of campaigns. The campaigns will contain links to the vCard records.


All operations over vCard records can be done with the mouse; you can also take advantage of the following hotkeys:

[Ins] – Add new vCard record to database

[Del] – Delete current vCard record from database. When deleting a record, all links to it from campaigns will be deleted also.

[F2], [Enter] – Edit current record

[F3] - View vCard

[F5] - Add vCard to campaign.