«Proximity Promoter 24x7» - Settings

The application provides very flexible configuration options on the file distribution algorithm, suitable for any type of campaigns, both aggressive and unobtrusive. It’s good to remember that potential recipients of your advertisements shouldn’t be disappointed by the amount of the content, and the content itself should be helpful to them at these very place and moment. It’s unworthy to abuse the application’s capacities and drain a pile of commercials down your recipients; think your strategy thoroughly.




The upper part of the settings window hosts the list of Bluetooth adapters available in the system. The application will use the adapter at the top of the list for running the distribution (automatically marked with a tick). To avoid possible problems with the drivers, it is recommended to plug only one Bluetooth adapter to a computer. If you have plugged several adapters at once, each of them should use a different driver (Microsoft, BlueSoleil, Toshiba, WidComm/Broadcomm); this will prevent the conflicts between them. For running the distribution, it is recommended to use the adaptor using the Microsoft driver.

Device search interval during active Bluetooth distribution – is the time span between the moment when the last file transmission to found devices is finished and the search for new devices available for contacting is started. The recommended pause value should be not less than 10 seconds.

Device search interval for the Bluetooth monitor – a pause used in the Bluetooth monitor. It is not used during the distribution; it’s used during the monitoring only.

Bluetooth authentication – the application will use the specified PIN when a remote Bluetooth device will require the authentication.

Number of retries to deliver file to specified device – each attempt to deliver a file is logged in the database. The application registers the MAC address of the device, CRC of the file and number of failed attempts. During the next device search and compilation of the list of files to be delivered, the application will perform a check to make sure that the number of attempts doesn’t exceed the specified value. The recommended value is 2 (in this case, if during the two attempts the file hasn’t been delivered due to whatsoever reasons, the application won’t attempt another delivery).

Retry delivery to specified device – if the file hasn’t been delivered for the number of attempts specified in the previous option, after the period specified in this option the application will retry to deliver the file again when the device enters the coverage area.

Send not more than X files to a single device (from the campaign files). For example, if in the course of your campaign you send 10 files, here you can restrict the number of files that can be sent to a specific device by 2 files. That means that once any two files out of your campaign have been received, none other files from the same campaign will be sent to this device. The rules for selecting the 2 files out of the 10 available are described by the following options.

Next X of the campaign can be sent after ... a certain period. This option allows resuming the distribution of the next lot of files to a certain device, interrupted by the foregoing option. After this period, the application will be able to send the next set of files specified in the foregoing option. For example, the foregoing option specifies that the application can send not more than 2 files; this option specifies the period of 1 day, and your campaign contains 10 files total. As the result, the subscriber will be receiving two files a day every one-day period, and thus all the 10 files of the campaign will be sent to him within 5 delivery sessions (once a day at the most).

It’s worth mentioning that all of these options apply to each specific file (identifiable by its CRC) and to each subscriber’s device (identifiable by its MAC address).

Number of files sent to recipient during one session:

All files – after the connection with the recipient is established, the application will serially transfer all files from the current campaign. The option is recommended for campaigns with not more than 3 files to be distributed.

In series by X files – the distribution will be carried out by groups of X files selected serially from the total list of the campaign files on each device search cycle.

Randomly by X files - the distribution will be carried out by groups of X files selected randomly from the total list of the campaign files on each device search cycle.

The last two options are recommended for campaigns with more than 3 files to be distributed.