«Proximity Promoter 24x7» - How does it work?

Bluetooth marketing is one of the new formats of mobile marketing. It represents the automatic transmission of different files over Bluetooth to mobile phones, handheld devices, and laptop computers that occur within the coverage of your Bluetooth transmitter. The data is transmitted upon the advanced confirmation; i.e. the device expecting to receive the content will prompt user to accept or reject the contact. If the subscriber accepts the incoming contact (clicks "Yes"), some data in the format of individual files (plain-text, MP3 audio, 3GP/MP4 video, etc.) will be transmitted to the subscriber’s phone. In other words, the data is transmitted only after the subscriber has agreed to accept it. This method can be used for spreading discount coupons/ringtones, spreading ringtones/pictures with your brand, pictures/movies with any commercials, java games, etc...

For instance, a visitor at a car dealership, browsing the hall with Toyota cars, could be proposed to receive a free commercial for a new vehicle model or a movie with its crash test or, just a text file with packages and prices.

What are the benefits of Bluetooth marketing?

1. These days, many, many people have (use) Bluetooth enabled devices and regarding last statistic it is at least 70% of those devices are availbale for contacting over Bluetooth.
2. That rate can be further raised by placing additional information like "Turn on Bluetooth and get a coupon for discounted shopping at our mall" (or something similar...) as banners stretched on a wall, commercials played on LCD panes, booklets placed on each table at a café , etc... At night clubs and discos, places with a direct contact to the public through a presenter – he can simply offer all to enable Bluetooth and obtain a free invitation to the next party.
3. Fully automatic distribution system. Once a campaign is launched, you no longer have to stay nearby the computer – the computer will take care of everything automatically, without human intervention.
4. Low cost of contact with consumer, since the transmission of content via Bluetooth is absolutely free of charge for both sender and recipient. The only expense it involves is electricity consumed by the computer (laptop) which carries out the distribution. Wouldn’t you agree that it’s very cheap!

There is an opinion that this is Bluetooth SPAM.

This isn’t spam. A recipient of Bluetooth advertisement has a choice: whether to accept or reject the reception of the data. The program takes a note of subscribers that have chosen to not receive the information and will discontinue sending anything to those subscribers. Any active Bluetooth device broadcasts its unique MAC address, by which it can be easily identified. MAC address is just a unique sequence of digits in the format (00:15:25:FA:0E:37); it’s imprinted by the manufacturer of the device. It has nothing common with phone number or owner name. Many, as a rule, don’t even know it exists. But for automatic systems it’s very helpful, as it allows to clearly identify a subscriber who has chosen to not receive or has already received advertisement, so that the same material is not sent to that subscriber again. Other than that, a subscriber can simply turn off Bluetooth on his device or disallow incoming connections – in this case, no advertisement whatsoever will be sent to him. Thus, if a subscriber doesn’t want it, advertisement won’t be delivered to him. An analog for this are promoter folks traveling throughout city’s streets and handing out promotional materials. They don’t make a people take them; they only offer them. A person can take them or, decline and walk by. That’s the way how «Proximity Promoter 24x7» works.