«Proximity Promoter 24x7» - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: What is «Proximity Promoter 24x7»?
Answer: With «Proximity Promoter 24x7» installed on your PC, laptop or netbook, you will be able to distribute commercial and information files to mobile phones, smartphones and PDA. The distribution is carried out through the USB Bluetooth connected to the computer.

Question: What is Bluetooth?
Answer: It’s a wireless data communication technology, which allows communicating to different devices at distances up to 100m.

Question: Distributing commercial files over Bluetooth – is it free or paid?
Answer: The transmission of any content, any files over Bluetooth is absolutely free for both sender and recipient. Mobile carrier is not involved in this process in any role. The Bluetooth adapter distributing the files connects to the recipient phone directly.

Question: Doesn’t the distribution of files over Bluetooth violate any laws?
Answer: The distribution of files over Bluetooth is absolutely legitimate; recipient first gets an invitation to accept the content. He is free to accept or refuse the invitation. The actual transfer of the files is carried out only upon the acceptance of the invitation by the recipient of the content. So, the person is free to choose whether or not to receive the proposed content.

Question: What kinds of files can be distributed with «Proximity Promoter 24x7»?
Answer: You can distribute files of absolutely any kind. But please remember that it makes sense to distribute only the files that would be viewable on recipients’ phones. Those could be images (JPG, GIF), movies (3GP, MP4), music and ringtone (MP3).

Question: Speaking of the software the buyer receives upon the payment, are there any restrictions imposed on the time the full version of the software can run?
Answer: Having paid for the application once, you can use it for as long as you need it. Moreover, all the updates for the subsequent versions 1.x will be available free of charge too.

Question: What is Hardware ID? Where is my Hardware ID?
Answer: The Hardware ID can only be found inside «Proximity Promoter 24x7» product. First run «Proximity Promoter 24x7» and then click the "Help -> About" menu.


Question: Will the registration key still work if I change my hardware?
Answer: In almost all cases, your key will continue to work. Hardware ID depends only on Bluetooth Dongle.

Question: I did not receive my registration code. What can I do?
Answer: Sometimes the email of your registration code has been «spam filtered» by your email client or service provider. We respond promptly (24 hours). If you have not received communication from us, there may be a problem with your email address, please contact us and provide us with ICQ number, Jabber ID as well as your other email address.

Question: Is your online order form secure?
Answer: Yes, it is 100% secure.