«Proximity Promoter 24x7» - Blacklist MAC

As it was said earlier, each Bluetooth device has a unique MAC address. MAC address is a 12-character long array that contains numbers in the hexadecimal format (0123456789ABCDEF). The application allows creating a list of MAC addresses, which the commercial content will never be sent to. For example, you can add MAC addresses of the maintenance staff’s mobile phones, your own phone, etc. to that list.

The MAC address exception list can be accessed through the main menu or by pressing the [F8] hotkey:


When distributing commercial content, while searching for available Bluetooth devices, the application will check each MAC address against this exception list (MAC addresses with the checkboxes set), and if the address is found in the list, the Bluetooth device will be ignored. The MAC address exception list can be edited at any moment, even while the distribution is in progress. The changes take effect instantly.


[F2] or [Enter] – edit current line in current column.
[Delete] – delete current record from list.

Device manufacturer is detected automatically by the first 6 characters of the MAC address. The records with cleared checkboxes aren’t treated as exceptions; i.e. you can temporarily disable any record by simply clearing its checkbox. The “Notes” column is made to let you add notes for a specific Bluetooth device; for instance, “Manager A.B. Johnson’s phone”.

To make the maintenance of the list convenient, you can take advantage of importing/exporting the list of MAC addresses through a regular text file.

In addition to the manual method, the application allows adding MAC addresses to the MAC address exception list from the operation results of the Bluetooth monitor automatically. On the selected device, open the popup menu (by right-clicking on the device entry) and then select the "Add MAC..."; the address will be added to the exception list, and the name of the device will be added to the notes.