«Proximity Promoter 24x7» - History of advertising campaigns

The entire distribution history is logged in a database. The software logs each and every contact you make with a recipient of the content. Facts of successful file transmissions are marked with code "Status=2". Failed attempts to transmit a file are logged with code "Status=3". Number of attempts to transmit the file to the recipient is also recorded there. Prior to every file transmission to a Bluetooth device, the application checks the database to find out the number of attempts and earlier transmission success ratio for the file and then takes an action according to predefined settings.


The distribution history is an activity report; it shows how many times you have contacted your recipients, how many files you have transmitted to them, and how many times the transmission failed during a selected period. You can set necessary filtration criteria, and, by clicking "Refresh", obtain necessary statistics on your campaign. The application allows exporting that statistics to a text file in the CSV format.